Emotional Alchemy...is my main modality of counseling and healing. I use it to assist you in seeing and releasing outdated habits, thoughts, emotions and limiting decisions. Unhealed emotions cause dis-ease in the body and wherever it shows up is a huge clue as to what is going on. Sometimes the biggest things that are holding us back are invisible to us. After finding the hidden emotions, you will learn how to quickly release them...anytime and anywhere on your own.

   Most of the time we want to shoot the messenger, the person that pushed our buttons. instead of seeing what is coming up for us and recognizing it as our own, we project our unhealed emotions onto others by reacting to what they say. By using the breath, visualization and the unconscious mind you can move your life back in the direction you want to go, quickly and easily.


2 hour sessions

1, 3 and 6 month packages in 2 hour sessions 


July 18, 2017 crop circle...the Star Tetrahedron Mer Ka Ba, your vehicle of Ascension

The Mer Ka Ba is a star tetrahedron counter rotating field of light soul vehicle and an energetic structure of sacred geometry that strengthens and protects you, allowing for your consciousness to travel instantaneously and freely between the dimensions and realities without compromising your vibration or damaging your energy bodies. It is a vehicle of great strength and power and can only be activated in unconditional love. It can be used to travel on the inner planes to stars and temples for higher guidance in an instant as well as to connect with other souls on the inner planes, at various stages of evolution. It is your vehicle of Ascension.

Ascension Healing Retreat

Surrey      September 22-24, Beyond the Eyes band playing outdoors Friday night for the Equinox celebration.

Kelowna   October 8, Day 1...Emotional Alchemy with Light Beam activation.     October 9, Unity Consciousness creation practice for previous students.

   Ascension, simply put is about raising your vibration. We are all in it, Astrology shows that we are in transformative times. Energies that are coming to the planet to awaken humanity are shaking you to the core.

    It is easy to manifest a life of vision, truth and love, the first thing you need to do is see what is NOT true in your life. These are often the emotions and limiting decisions in your consciousness that keep your personal vibration at a lower frequency.
Some of these emotions are doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, unworthy, shame, jealousy, hate, vengeance and the list goes on...any sound familiar?
These emotions along with limiting decisions of I'm not..., I can't..., I don't..., I'll never, also limit your ability to see clearly. Once this energy is removed from your field you can easily make your way through any situation, and if more emotions come up, great! Your unconscious mind is helping you to heal, although when you're deep in it, it feels exactly the opposite. You must clear these emotions and all energies that are connected to them. This will allow you to move into a loving space, raise your vibrations and allow you to be present for others.
One of the most important reasons for healing your emotions is that we are in a time of Ascension.
Once your emotions are clear you will be able to activate your Beams of Light in your head, meditate in the Sacred Heart and activate your Mer Ka Ba, your vehicle of Ascension. You will also learn to create in Unity Consciousness from your heart. 

August 5th we will have a small fire in the evening in the Mer Ka Ba fire pit shown on 'The Land' page.