Welcome to Morningstar Transformations...9 acres of magical parkland with a Labyrinth, Faeries gardens and mounds and abundant wildlife.

    Laurie Morningstar has been assisting people in releasing emotions for over twenty years. She is a Master in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Reiki, Huna, 'Ener Chi' and 'Neurolink'. She was a sundancer for nine years, is an intuitive healer and ascension teacher. Laurie was one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek's 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' workshop. After teaching his work for 3 years and learning how to activate the body for Ascension she moved on to teaching workshops for clearing unhealed emotions as they are a primary cause of all dysfunction in this reality and are the key to raising your vibration, making Ascension possible. Emotional Alchemy is Laurie's modality she created to clear emotions deeply and quickly without the story. The tools are breath and visualization.

   Laurie works from her home, 'Morningstar Transformations' in South Surrey, BC sharing workshops on Emotional Alchemy and Ascension. She is currently writing her first book called 'The Alchemy of Ascension' ready to launch in the Fall.
   We are in transformative times, Astrology is showing us the way through the moons, planets and eclipse's along with the Sun activity. On August 7 at 11:11 am we had a partial lunar eclipse to open the energies of the 88 on August 8th. This will be a big energy time where you can either clear your emotions, heal yourself or go a little crazy with the chaos and confusion that these activations will open. This continues to the August 21 solar eclipse and into Sept with the Equinox and Sept 23/24 weekend energies. Best to take any opportunity anywhere to help yourself to heal all that is coming up for clearing. Blessings to your journey. I have Ascension Healing Retreats to help you to learn to clear these energies for yourself anytime and anywhere.





Laurie’s Emotional Alchemy practice has been effective as a massive liberator of my old wounds and traumas. I lend the effectiveness of this practice to the fact I was willing to go that deep through the gateway of breath, but also because Laurie was the rock solid facilitator there with the energy of the ancestors assisting. Having personally dealt with negative influences and other dimensional entities, I could see that my unhealed emotional body was attracting people, situations and other things that resonated with that wounding. Laurie is the one of the most capable healers I know to date who has the experience, where with all and love in her heart to responsibly and honourably help us dispose of that which does not serve us. She helps us come into who we are beyond our story and into our divine intended nature. Laurie is balanced, humble and sincerely trusted in my highest regard.

Jana Westabrooks

I received a healing session by Laurie this past week, and I'm not an easy sell on this type of work, as I have been doing it for many, many years. Much to my surprise and delight, I was taken down a path of deeper healing and feeling relieved of some 'old stuff' that needed to be cleared, thank-you, thank-you Laurie !!!!

Cindy Small

 Morningstar Transformations....I have been transformed, thank you!  


Laurie Morningstar, you are such a beautiful gift to me and the world!

 There are no words that can express my happiness and thankfulness for the life changing results that we achieved together through your very loving and expert guidance.

 I was in a very dark place and had been not doing the best job of working through some very difficult challenges on my own.  Then, with the passing of my beautiful husband, I pretty much fell almost completely apart and was unable to pull myself together.  I tried many, many ways back to emotional well being and nothing was working for me.

 After one session with you, my entire life has taken a 180 degree turn.  My whole perspective on life has changed for the better.  My panic attacks have completely disappeared. My path is much more clear.  Things are flowing in the right direction.  I have regained self-confidence.  And when I feel challenges coming on, I am able to calm myself almost immediately through going back to your technique.

 The work you do is invaluable.  I will be forever grateful for your presence.

 Oh, and I love your real, no nonsense, straight forward attitude!

Louise Leier

If there is a person who is down to earth humble, witty, funny and a great teacher, it is Laurie Morningstar. Being with her seems to transcend the time and space. The old and new lose their dynamics because there is none. She is a channel and empathic healer. Her knowledge and grit added with unaltered grit is a recipe of no other match. It is healing beyond generational limits. Looking ahead and rising above.

Shamaila Shaikh