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Laurie Morningstar


Laurie Morningstar is an Emotional Alchemist, Ascension Teacher, Author, Horse Interpreter for healing with horses and works with 6 horses.

She is certified in NLP, Timeline Therapy ,Hypnosis, Reiki, Huna and became one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek's Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop in 2011. 

Integrating  all to help you become the best version of yourself. She began her studies in 1995 and has since mastered many modalities

Laurie has been working with clients healing emotions for over 20 years, helping people from many countries around the world. She learned the ascension activation's in 2011, combining the two modalities to offer Creating in Oneness audio and workshop.

She was pushed by spirit to write 

'The Alchemy of Ascension' 

a book about her life and technique Emotional Alchemy.

Sacred Heart Horse Tales


 Laurie grew up with horses and in 2017 was re-introduced to them as healers. It was an instant passion and connection between Laurie and the horses. She is working on her new book about Horses as Healers as she partners with them to heal. 

Horses see all as energy and love helping people to heal...from acting it out to a massage pulling the energy off the body. 

Horse sessions are 2-2 1/2 hours...the horses let you know when they are done. I will be helping you clear all the emotions that came up for you in the session.

Emotional Alchemy


This is a tool to help you raise your vibrations and attract the life you want without doing anything other than clearing your emotions and limiting decisions. 

Clarity will open and you will know what to do once the energies that are blocking your way are removed.

It is important to be aware of everything you are thinking, saying and doing in every moment, these are the keys to your freedom.

1 and 2 hour sessions in person 

or on the phone

Intro workshop

September 28, 2-6pm

Join Laurie for a deep clearing and meditation into the Sacred Heart and meet Maureen Fontaine, a live blood analysis practitioner. We will be sharing how healing emotions effects the physical and will be facilitating this in a full workshop October 19th 10-5pm

In December we will be adding Horse Healing with this work. Those coming to all 3 events will receive a discount. Maureen will also be sharing information directly to you on what you can do to help your body heal.

Master in the Matrix


Transform your life and learn a tool to help you maintain a state of well being. What is life reflecting back to you in everything you think, say and do? These are the keys to your freedom. It's as simple as becoming aware, then using your breath and imagination to transform the energy.

Master in the Matrix Ascension School is a monthly 3 hour online session with self improvement homework for students wishing to master their emotions and learn how to do light work and heal the planet.

Tools for Life


Looking for real transformation in your life with assistance on a weekly basis? Sometimes we need help to keep the momentum going for transformation and to be held accountable

Tools for life is available in 3/6/9 month packages. You will receive a 2 hour session once a week with homework to keep your self improvement going on your own.

Step into your own innate wisdom! 

You are the Master!

Reclaim your Divine Destiny


Become part of the Sunset 

allowing the light in. 

A year long program to commit to yourself for lasting transformation. You will be working with a Mastermind program on a weekly basis with Emotional Alchemy and options to join Ascension Tours, Workshops and Master in the Matrix Ascension School.

This is a deep commitment to your

 Self are worth it!

Workshops and Events

The Alchemy of Ascension


Book launch 

November 29...details coming soon

Emotional Alchemy session

 Sound healers,

Keshe technology



Sacred Heart Horse Tales


Opening Hearts with Horse Wisdom

Introduction to horses as healers

Join Laurie with 6 Geldings for deep healing and emotional clearing with Emotional Alchemy. 

We will be clearing emotions and meditating with the horses as they work their magic...showing you what it is that you really need to clear.

Special rate for those that register and pay before Sept. 14.

September 29, 1-5pm

everyone welcome

Learn to communicate with horses as you heal. Join the workshop and utilize Emotional Alchemy, Sacred Heart meditation, intuition and deep healing. Begin to learn how to communicate with the horses and use the tool Emotional Alchemy to maintain your emotions anytime. Freedom for humanity is my goal with Emotional Alchemy.  Learn to be the master as the horses show you what you need to clear to move forward

location in

South Langley

Creating in Oneness


9 Hour Audio Workshop

This is Creating in Oneness Ascension Workshop recorded in 3 sections.

Part 1

Learn about emotions and then clear the energies of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, unworthy, shame, jealousy, hatred, revenge and some limiting decisions that are holding you back.

Part 2

Learn to be the hunter/huntress of your emotions and then follow the audio to clear.

Part 3

Activate the Beams of Light

and Mer Ka Ba

Drums and Fans


Laurie offers workshops and sacred items made by her at events...

Drum workshop 

October 27, 12-5pm

Join Laurie for a short emotional clearing with Emotional Alchemy before creating your drum with the New Moon energy.

Deer or Elk 14" with Drum stick

Buffalo 14" with Drum stick

Larger drums are available

 for the workshop 

Ascension Workshop


Creating in Oneness

December 20-22, 10-5pm

3 day experience to clear emotions and limiting decisions to raise your vibration and prepare your body for the activation of the Beams of Light and Mer Ka Ba...your vehicle of Ascension.

The last day is dedicated to working with your Mer Ka Ba, teaching you how to work with it to heal yourself, humanity and the planet.

 It only takes 3, so imagine what a group will do at this sacred time of the Solstice. We will be working with the Sacred Fire.

Testimonial and other events


The work Laurie does with the horses is so powerful, so transformative and ahhhhmazing! Life changing...

Larissa Jaala

Other events:

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Radio interview on

 Conscious Living Radio 

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CloseLook tv Interview about the horse work and my book. 

Details coming shortly

Egyptian Ascension Tour 2020

 details coming soon...

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