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Laurie Morningstar


Laurie Morningstar is an Emotional Alchemist, Ascension Teacher, Author, Horse Interpreter for Horse's as Healer's and works with 7 horses.

She is certified in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Reiki, Huna and became one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek's 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' ascension workshop in 2011. Laurie is a Sundancer and pipe carrier working with the medicine of Nature and the Ancestors (horse and human) to help you.

Laurie has integrated all to help you become the best version of yourself. She began her studies in 1995 and has since mastered many modalities.

Laurie has been working with clients, healing emotions for over 20 years, helping people from many countries around the world.  She has combined  the two modalities of Emotional Alchemy and ascension activation's to offer Creating in Oneness audio and workshop.

She was encouraged by

 spirit to write 

'The Alchemy of Ascension' 

a book about her life and technique, Emotional Alchemy to help everyone transform quickly.

 Laurie will also be available at at Infinite Serenity

#190 20728 Willoughby Town Centre Drive, Langley, BC

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Tuesday and Wednesday 11-2:30

Fridays 12-3:30

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Unveiling the Matrix

Time coming soon, join me for a bit of teaching on emotions, some clearing and interviews.

Mer Ka Ba Magic

starting April...learn how to use your Mer Ka Ba for healing and many other practices. You must have attended Creating in Oneness workshop 

Teacher Training for

The Horse's Way

May 2020

contact for consultation

 Healing with horse's, includes Emotional Alchemy...1 year course. Learn how to communicate and understand what the horses are saying and doing to help yourself and clients heal quickly.



  • how to heal the horses
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Reiki initiation's
  • horse behavior
  • horse communication
  • connecting to your horse in a new way
  • homework and practicum 
  • certification upon completion

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Drums and fans

  • private workshops
  • available at events and stores
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Creating in Oneness Audio


 9 Hour Audio Workshop

This is 'Creating in Oneness' Ascension Workshop recorded in 3 sections.

Part 1

Learn about emotions and then clear the energies of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, unworthy, shame, jealousy, hatred, revenge and some limiting decisions that are holding 

you back.

Part 2

Learn to be the hunter/huntress of your emotions and then follow the audio to clear.

Part 3

Activate the Beams of Light

 Mer Ka Ba

Free yourself and make clearing your emotions your number one priority, it will transform your life. Purchasing this audio and working with the practice daily will make a huge difference in how you interact with yourself and everyone else and how they interact with you.

Learn more here

What to do after you listen to the audio and do the clearing and activation...

Join a workshop:

Creating in Oneness

March 21/22

info below


Master in the Matrix

 Ascension School

online school

 info below or email

Inquire into:

 Tools for Life or 

Unveiling your Divine Destiny

Master in the Matrix


Transform your life and learn a tool to help you maintain a state of well being. What is life reflecting back to you in everything you think, say and do? These are the keys to your freedom. It's as simple as becoming aware, then using your breath and imagination to transform the energy.

Master in the Matrix Ascension School is a monthly 3 hour online session with self improvement homework for students wishing to master their emotions and learn how to do light work and heal the planet.

Tools for Life


Looking for real transformation in your life with assistance on a weekly basis? Sometimes we need help to keep the momentum going for transformation and to be held accountable

Tools for life is available in 3/6/9 month packages. You will receive a 2 hour session once a week with homework to keep your self improvement going on your own.

Step into your own innate wisdom! 

You are the Master!

Unveiling your Divine Destiny


Become part of the Sunset 

allowing the light in. 

A year long program to commit to yourself for lasting transformation. You will be working with a Mastermind program on a weekly basis with Emotional Alchemy and options to join Ascension Tours, Workshops and Master in the Matrix Ascension School.

This is a deep commitment to your

 Self are worth it!

Workshops and Sessions

Emotional Alchemy


Emotional Alchemy is a technique to help you clear emotions quick and easy without the story. 

Are you suffering from confusion, anger, fear, depression or other strong emotions? Emotions are energy that is stuck and just needs clearing and all you need is Awareness, Breath

 and Imagination.

Learn how to free yourself easy in as little as 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

1 and 2 hour sessions

Sessions are via:

  • phone
  • whats app
  • in person
  • workshop
  • Creating in Oneness audio


Athletes - Interested in

 improving your performance?

I would like to express my gratitude to Laurie for helping me with my clarity and focus during one of the CrossFit Qualifier workouts. When the four CrossFit Masters qualifier workouts were announced in April 2018, a skill in one of the workouts was something I was struggling with. Prior to the workout I was overcome with anxiety and fear, doubting my abilities. In the past this skill had been my greatest strength but the measurement standards were changed leaving me with a mechanical disadvantage. Laurie was able to help me clear the mental blocks I put in the way of own my success. I went into the workout with razor sharp focus and no stress. It was a little odd to be so focused and to have very little nervous tension. I was very pleased with the outcome as I qualified for the 2018 CrossFit Games. 


Thank you so much Laurie and I will definitely be contacting you before my next competition. 

Jolaine Undershute

Opening Hearts with Horse Wisdom


Interested in experiencing horse's and their healing powers? Horse's see everything about you and in a session will act it out like horse charades, activate your body and clear energies that are no longer serving you.

Working with a group of 7 horse's, Laurie co-facilitates as an interpreter and then helping you clear any energies and emotions that they bring up in you.

2 hour sessions

Sessions are available via:

  • personal session 
  • 2 person session  
  • workshop

Please contact for consultation


Intro workshop

February 9th

12-4pm $180

Only 6 participants, register and pay to hold your spot


I have worked with Laurie Morningstar for almost 12 months. I was recommended to connect with Laurie because of her Emotional Alchemy work. At first I was rather reluctant because I’ve connected with other practitioners in the past that I feel we’re not capable of truly supporting emotional growth. My very first session with Laurie was so profoundly healing, it changed my life in a beautiful way. I learned how to move through anxiety, panic, depression moving those emotions out of my body so that I can create a world that is beautiful and reflects love, kindness, compassion and gentleness.

After working with Laurie she invited me to a healing with horse's session where the deeper stuff that was holding me back became evident by how the horses played out my vulnerabilities. I was able to share parts of myself that I judged as not being lovable and was met with non judgement and love, the horse's are amazing and it is Laurie’s facilitation that makes it transformative.

I am forever grateful for Laurie and her healing horses.

Larissa Smith


Creating in Oneness

Ascension Workshop

Your Mer Ka Ba is your vehicle Ascension and can be activated easily by clearing your emotions and accessing the Sacred Heart in meditation. Over the 2 days I will teach you how to become Aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing in each moment so you can become the master of your reality and move into a more heart based life.

Day 1

  • Learn how I see emotions and learn how to hunt them down and clear them.

Day 2 

  • Clear emotions in the morning and activate the Beams of Light and Mer Ka Ba in the afternoon.

At Infinite Serenity


March 21/22

10-5pm $400

before February 15 $350

You can find me on The School of Remembering site for comments on previous classes

Other events at

Infinite Serenity:


Emotional Alchemy sessions

Massage to heal deep trauma

Sacred Heart Meditation with Emotional Alchemy

3rd Wednesday of the month

10-12 or 6-8 $55

Join the 6 month level 1 of Infinite Wisdom Mastermind

1st Wednesday of the month

starting March 4th, become the best version of yourself!

10-12 or 6-8  $66

Join Sacred Heart Meditation and Infinite Wisdom for 6 months $100 month


Dream catchers 

March 9, 5-7:30 $55

Drum making 14" Elk 

April 18th 5-10pm  $350

8 only, Cut off date April 8th


The Alchemy of Ascension

C$ 20.00

(C$ 5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A book about Laurie's experiences, dreams, accidents and happenings to prove we are not alone and her technique Emotional Alchemy she used to heal her life. The last chapter is a workbook to help you heal your own life.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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